You're standing at a crossroads.
It's time for something to shift.
Time for a change.
The door is open and you can feel it.

You're standing on the edge,
too frightened to jump,
overthinking taking the leap.

The reality is that the overthinking, the before, the lead up
is so much scarier than the actual doing.

What if you were to finally take that step, over the edge and into the darkness?
What more is possible?

I'm Gina Maria and I've been here,
peering over the edge, more times than I can count.
Traveling on a dime,
moving a family of five across a country for my dream job,
starting my own business,
buying a homestead in a land that I knew nothing about. 
There is nothing that makes me happier than being your support,
for opening as a channel for your guidance,
to allow your innate knowledge to pour through,
because you already know the steps that you need to take.



Soul sessions are for those that are on the edge of transformation.  
Those who are ready to step into the fullest expression of who they are.
You can feel it, taste it, your every cell craves it.  
It's time to stop the other distractions and get laser focused on moving forward.
A Soul Session is a 60 minute session dedicated to making it happen.

Each session is catered to you.
To your needs, to your energetical blocks.
We tap into a different perspective with the guidance of your ancestors, angels and spirit guides through energy readings and angel cards. 
We utilize life coaching combined with the guidance of angel cards and connecting with your spiritual guides, to tear down the walls, break down your barriers and open your path towards greater fulfillment. 


"I just did a Soul Session with Gina, and it exceeded my expectations. In just one hour, I felt like I had a game plan for my career, guidance and clarity in my personal life and relationships, felt physically "repaired" and with that 'just got a massage' blissed out feeling. “
- Krystal L

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 10.43.20 AM.png

“Thank you Gina! The session really gave me a great amount of clarity and confirmation and I love the actions steps! All of the ideas you offered were right on point and exactly what I needed to hear. I am grateful that you offer the Soul Sessions and that I jumped on the opportunity.
Thank you! Love and light to you.” 
-Alicia C.

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"By the end of the session, I felt calm. I had some action steps to follow up on and could really center on the idea of moving. I felt like the session empowered me with peace and quieted my troubled mind long enough to get back on track and work on making my dreams a reality."
-Kathleen D.


If you are standing on the edge,
feeling insecure, overwhelmed and doubting how much you truly are capable of,
during your Soul Session, you will receive the messages and guidance that you need
in order to take your next steps with peace of mind and full confidence.

Soul Sessions are $249 for an hour video session of which you will receive a recording
and a follow up email, answering questions that arise after our time together.