I've spent my entire adult life pursuing the fine details of my passions, the environment. energy healing. nutrition. mushrooms. energy reading. and on. and on.

I've spent the last 20 years learning because I never felt good enough.  Never felt qualified. Never had the confidence to allow myself to be a leader. I never trusted that my wisdom and skills were worthy. I kept gaining certifications, attending seminars, listening to "the experts". And I watched as my peers learned and positioned themselves to move forward. Yet I still didn't feel equipped.

March 7, 2015 my grandpa died.  We were close in life, but I couldn't say that I felt a strong bond, as I did with my grandma. One week before he passed something shifted for me.  In a stream of thought encouraged by a dear friend, I put two and two together and the answer shined a light on my life's journey.  The next morning an ambulance drove him off to the hospital.  At that point, we never looked too deeply, an ambulance was a routine scenario and the man was a frigging ox.  He just kept defying the odds and pulling through.  

Six days later he passed.  But in those last six days I connected deeper with him than I have with any other human being, except of course my children. Praying for the angels to surround him, sharing reiki and simply sitting with him in his final days.  It was a gift that I never knew that I wanted.  

During those days with my grandpa, something shifted in me.  I knew that I was stepping in to a new chapter.  I continued to refine my practice, but I knew that it was time to step out into the world.  

i feel the integration pulsing through my body.  
a whole new me.  
i am.  

Exactly six months later, more life shifts happened and I found myself on the precipice of a breakthrough.  Another month and a half pass and I commit.

I commit to moving forward.  
I commit to embracing my wisdom and healing.
I commit to being WORTHY.  
I commit to sharing with my community.
I commit to moving forward.

For 13 years I have given myself fully as a mother. Occasionally touching pieces of me that reminded me that I am more, that being a mother is one aspect of who I am. Now I open to all of me. Now I bring my whole being forward. I feel as if I were nine months pregnant and preparing to birth my next child. The birth of my business, my soul work. 

I am..
a healer ~ intuitive, divinely led, serving in love
an engaging writer ~ inspired, flowing
a mother ~ nurturing, silly, adventurous
an entrepreneur ~ motivated, dynamic
a maker ~ creative, expressive
a procrastinator~ evolving, resting
a spiritual medium ~ open channel, clear communicator
a sacred vessel ~ beautiful, pure
a Goddess ~ empowered, vibrant
a wife ~ balanced, loving, passionate
a sister ~ openhearted, joyful
a listening ear ~ silent, open, no judgement
a truth teller ~ wide open
heart-centered ~ compassionate, connected to all things

It is my absolute bliss to be able to weave all of my strengths as one in order to fulfill my biggest passion in life, empowering women to return to Whole, to surrender into Love and to achieve their goals and dream.

Embracing your SoulShine,
Gina Maria



For those that are interested in my credentials…

Along with my Bachelor's degree in Environmental Management,  for the last two decades, I have trained in many schools and programs, such as a certified health coach, herbal apprentice, intuitive healer, energy and tarot card reader, reiki master and more.

I have worn many hats including mama of four, water quality researcher, life coach, teacher, chef, preparing private party and event dinners, and as a head chef at Gabriel Cousens's Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Arizona.