Over the last 6 years I watched my baseline weight slowly climb to a max that made me uncomfortable in my own skin. I decided that since I was coming up on the big 4-0 that it was just my new body.
It's what happens as you age.
And then I started with the aches and pains.
And then came the funky chest pains and anxiety attacks.

And that's when I finally said, "Forget this." (There's a chance it may have been more colorful language, but for the purpose of my story, we'll go with forget. ;-) 

And so I started playing with my diet (aka lifestyle, not food restriction).
I tested out foods, determined what was effecting me and how.

And then I went for it.
Inch by inch.
Brick by Brick.

And in a matter of months,
I built myself a whole new temple.

So far, I've lost 22 pounds. 
I'm not at my goal weight, but at this point, I really don't care.
It's not about losing the weight, although I'm pretty sure that by keeping on this path it'll keep on it's way back down towards my 30 year old body.

It's that now my anxiety is gone. 
Boom. Done.

My chest pains are history (except if I eat the foods that were bothering me.)

My aches and pains?
Let's just say that I'm running around the way that I did when I was in my teens and 20's and 30's and vibrant and full of energy.
I'm literally stronger than I ever have been.

And compliments from complete strangers on how young I look, completely out of the blue.
Too many for it to be a coincidence. 

Empowered in Health 2.0 is exactly how I did it.

I enjoy the foods that I love, 
I've learned to let go of the foods that don't work for me.

And gained so much confidence in my body and who I am.

And I am so excited to walk this path with you.

What is Empowered in Health 2.0? 

Your needs are different than mine,
as is every other woman's in our circle. 

And so Empowered in Health 2.0 is not a rigid program, 
making you eat this or do that. 

It's a guide created for you, and your unique self,
structured so you can meet your own needs
and together we can create a lifestyle that works for you,
not just for a month,
but as a lifestyle that you can carry out long term and see real results.

3 Months Circling Together. 
Taking charge of your health
at a pace and style tailored to you.

Empowered in Health 2.0 is a blend of proven program created for lasting results,
And a community of women walking through the same journey, stronger together.

We start our program, on December 4th,
with a different focus each month.

I'm Gina Maria and I've been a student of health for the last 25 years, since I was introduced to the hours of factory farming at the age of 14. 
A "junk food vegetarian" for many years, until I began to learn the ins and outs of actual healthy eating.
When my oldest daughter was born and began imitating and asking for the food that I was eating was when I became diligent (or neurotic even) about the best of the best when it came to food.
I've circled and spiraled and explored so many ways of eating, and what I came to discover was that each and  every one of us is different, with different needs at different phases and different seasons. 
And so I have dedicated my teaching journey to listening to your body, your needs and honoring your own body.
And with Empowered in Health 2.0 I walk you through the exact steps in doing just that.

Gina Law Photo.jpg
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What will the 3 months consist of?

December: Gentle, allowing for freedom and joy. Navigating the holidays with no guilt and pure enjoyment.
January: Discovering what foods work in your body and what cause bloat, weight gain and other issues.
February: Creating a healthy lifestyle that actually works for you long term.

We'll really dive into the basics of healthy eating.
Planning your plate, what it should look like and what portion sizes actually are.
Healthy fats, sugar consumption, and processed foods.
Why drinking adequate water is so important.
How to navigate gatherings and celebrations without feeling deprived or left out.

Learning your body and your habits
Observing your own personal habits and how you can shift them for better health.
How you can pamper yourself in non-food ways.
Establishing a morning routine.
Swapping out the traditional comfort foods for healthier alternatives that easily get overlooked.
Playing with testing out foods to see which ones are doing you good and which are causing you harm.

Establishing your unique food guidelines
We will be reducing the foods that are generally recognized as ones to avoid
and adding in ones that are nutrient dense and often recommended in any health plan.
Eliminating a greater amount of your inflammatory foods and adding in more power packed items.
Working with what you've discovered through our time together and how to make it sustainable long term.

What You'll Get: 
Recipes and meal plans.
Templates for building your own.
Shopping lists for the weeks that are more involved and ideas for weeks that are not.
A Return to Center Journal where you can track your progress.
Weekly journaling prompts to get to know yourself and your needs on a deeper level.
My Time Hack bonus series in order to make room for taking care of you.
Weekly Guided Meditations

And there's more...
We'll discuss why we're doing this, 
what to expect as we move through, 
how to make it more gentle on yourself,
and then some...

And of course, you have me.
You have access to me and the support of the other participants in our private facebook group throughout the course of the program.

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Our weeks will flow:
Mondays: Weekly email with the week's love note and focus.
Tuesdays: Movement check in. Because, yes, we'll be adding in movement that works for you.
Wednesdays: Group Coaching Call, informal check in depending on the needs of the folks on that week's call.
Thursdays: FB Live. Deepening  your understanding.
Fridays: Group check in questions.
Saturdays: And Recipe share. We'll all share a favorite recipe that's making us smile.

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Answers To Questions That You May Still Have...

How is it structured? 
Upon sign up, you will receive immediate access to the Empowered in Health 2.0 FB group, Recipe booklet, sample shopping list, and Return to Center Journal.
Beginning December 4th, you will receive the first weekly email and we will gather on our private facebook group for daily check-ins, support and inspiration.

What if I begin to feel overwhelmed? 
If you feel that you have too much on your plate, slow down, take a breath and come check in on the facebook group where we can talk about the best way for you to succeed without stress.

Am I going to lose weight? 
If you have weight to lose (which sometimes we think we do but don't) and you follow the plan exactly, there's a good chance that you'll lose some. Long term dietary and lifestyle changes are the best way to make weight loss happen and we'll be covering how to do just that. The scale is just one measurement of weight loss, so we'll be looking at it from several different perspectives.
And don't forget, weight loss is really just an added bonus to feeling great, vibrant, more energetic, having better health and so much more.

And why would I do this again? 
Empowered in health is a way to gain control of our eating habits, to re-learn how delicious simple, healthy food can really be and how accessible better health and energy truly is.

It's better together. No need to do it alone.

We start our group program, on December 4th.

Cost: All of this with Empowered in Health 2.0 is only $97/month for 3 months.
And from now until Monday, November 27th, you can sign up for only $59/month!

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If you want this plus one on one coaching, I have just opened 3 spots in my one to one coaching program for Empowered in Health 2.0 at a super discounted rate. Don't wait! These will go fast! Access the details here.