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What We'll Cover:

Do You Even Want What You Think You Want?
How many times did you want something, buy it, and then found it collecting dust? 
Before you dare to make change happen, we'll figure out if you want what you have been daydreaming about
or if it's actually something else entirely.

Unearthing Time and Confidence to Make it Happen
The biggest excuse I hear from my clients is that they don't possibly have the time. 
What I often see hiding behind the excuse of time is in reality a mixture of fear and lack of confidence. 
We'll cover unearthing some time and revealing a little of that confidence that I can see shining through.

Magic in Action
Now you've got the tools all beautifully placed in your tool belt. 
With a deep breath,
a wave of your magic wand
and some dirt under your finger nails, it's time to  get the momentum rolling and make it happen!
Let's do this, sister!

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You've been visioning it, day dreaming about it, 
maybe, if you're close enough to making it happen, you've even said it out loud.

It's been on your mind for long enough.
What's holding you back from making it happen?

Daring to Change is the beginning. 
The catalyst. The nuts and bolts. The courage to start.

It's the exact steps to break the standstill and move you on your way.
No matter how on track we are on our path in life, 
there’s always the opportunity for growth, for dreaming bigger. 

There’s the opportunity for taking this perfect gift, the gift that is uniquely you, 
and opening it to a deeper awakening. 

Daring to Change.
What are you waiting for?
I double dog dare you.

What does the Course Consist of?

The Lessons
The Daring to Change is a self guided program that consists of six modules, 
each module is broken down into a few bite sized video and written lessons to move you through the process.
You have the option to take it slow or complete it all in a couple of days.
Your program, your decision.

The Workbook
For those of you that prefer to hold a physical copy, you can download and print out the 26 page accompanying workbook along with the video lessons and homework provided throughout the course.

The Homework
Don't panic when I say homework! 
Each module is followed up with an exercise to allow the elements to arrive and make the change happen.
It's not going to send you back to school days, I promise :-)

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