Chrysalis Warrior
"Connection is the energy that exists between two people when the feel seen, heard and valued,
when they can give and receive without judgement."  - Brene Brown.
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We find ourselves today, wrapped in the culture of busy,
of doing,
of losing the moments into a blur of activity.
And when we aren't living in this world of constant action,
it is easy to be consumed in the virtual world,
living in the land of likes and comments,
of smiling faces, great creations, perfect homes and latest adventures.

Lacking the physical presence that we crave so deeply. 
Lacking the eye contact and knowing that you've been heard.
the moments of sacred connection,
the honor and rhythm of the women that came before us.

Living in this world where all we see are the highlights of what others are doing,
feeling overwhelmed by all that we are not accomplishing,
how we are not measuring up.

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I'm Gina Maria and for far too long I felt swallowed whole by this world. I struggled to provide all the things. I strived to be the ultimate mama, the perfect woman, getting it all done. And then one day, I lost a dear friend because she felt judged, and I had no idea that I was making her feel this way. I was working so hard at creating this perfect image that I didn't realize that I made others feel less than. And I continued pushing forward until I couldn't any more.

And then I began to feel less than.

And when I finally woke up from the illusion that is perfection,
I saw the need to gather again as women.
To hold one another,
to listen to our sisters,
to honor our gifts and our vulnerabilities equally.
To raise one another up and to allow ourselves to emerge from our chrysalis as the whole women that we truly are. 

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Space for us to come together as women, to dissolve our perceived shortcomings,
to celebrate our authentic selves
and to circle together while you are seen, heard and valued,
without fear of judgement.

To be fully held by a loving, supportive, community of women. 

The Chrysalis Warrior Retreat is hosted by the Law Family Homestead, located in Midcoast Maine, on a beautiful 12 acres, with trails for snow shoeing, a walk to the lake and ample space to wander, release, receive and integrate.

We will gather and warm by the fire, both inside and out, connecting with nature and spirit, while being sure to stay toasty warm.

Healthy, organic and locally sourced (when possible) meals will be served community style.
For those that are interested, the option of preparing food together, learning a few food preparation tips and pouring group love into the making will be there, or you may choose to use this time to regroup, refresh, or rest.

Participants will receive three months access to the Becoming You Library and all of its tools, to further expand beyond the Chrysalis Warrior weekend.

To stay connected and continue to move forward as we integrate back into the flow of our daily lives, you will have access to 3 monthly, private group coaching sessions specifically for our Chrysalis Warrior community.

Options to Attend:

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  • In person, the weekend of January 26-28th, 2018.
    Lodging on site or lodging elsewhere. We have limited space for dorm style lodging in the main house of the homestead. Only 6 spaces available. If you plan on staying onsite, reserve your spot asap! There are lots of airbnb options and local hotels. I'm happy to assist in finding a place nearby.
  • Online, held on the weekend of February 9th-11th, 2018.
    For those people that would love to join us but can't be here physically in person. All materials will be shipped to you in advance. The weekend's activities will be a combination of on and offline, to avoid overuse of the virtual space. Please plan on creating a quiet and sacred environment where you will be able to express and release.

Tentative Schedule (knowing that the flow may change based on participants needs)


  • Goddesses' arrival, 1-3pm (in person only)
  • An Afternoon of visioning and sharing:
    who we are, the stories that we tell our selves, the path that we dream of.
  • Community dinner (in person only)
  • Herbal cacao, drumming, Goddess dance celebration (a variation for home retreat)


  • Morning Yoga
  • Community meals (in person only)
  • Moving through our stories
  • Releasing attachment
  • Allowing ourselves to receive
  • Bridging the gap of where we are and where we desire to be
  • A quiet evening of fire, release and integration (a variation for home retreat)


  • Morning Yoga
  • Slow morning of further integration, of allowing
  • Community breakfast (in person only)
  • Closing circle, 11am

Optional: During the retreat there will be opportunity to book sessions with one or more of our healing practitioners. This would be an additional cost and more information will be coming as we line them up!


" It was supposed to be a 5 minute check-in, but instead she said some things that TOTALLY blew my mind and gave me the clarity I've been looking for for months!!!" - Amanda K

"With each of the different services and coaching that I have done with Gina, each time I am blown away at how spot on she is! Her knowledge, skills, genuine caring support and pure authenticity immediately put me at ease and allowed me to feel more open and vulnerable, and in doing so, make huge shifts in my life." -Krystal L

"Working with Gina creates space for your true desires to unfold. I found her to be an excellent listener and ask the kinds of questions that allowed me to turn inward and look deeper for the answers. Her calm and reassuring guidance allowed for me to open up, center and move forward in transforming into my best self.  After working with Gina, I truly feel empowered to actualize my fullest potential to take the next steps to evolve and accomplish all I have been striving for." - Christina K

Questions That You May Have:

  • Where will I sleep? We have dorm style accommodations within my home on a first come, first serve basis for those attending the retreat in person and wishing to stay on site. For those that would like more privacy, there are many hotels and Airbnb options in the area.
  • What will the meals look like? We have five community meals scheduled. They will be organic, gluten and dairy free and locally sourced whenever possible. Please tell us ahead of time if you have food restrictions so we can accommodate whenever possible. Ample snacks will be available between meal times.
  • Where is the closest airport? Bangor Airport is about 45 minutes from the homestead. Portland Airport approximately 2 hours.  If you will be flying into one of these airports, please let us know so we can try to work out ride shares.
  • What do I need to bring? The retreat is held in Maine, in winter, so warm clothes are necessary.  A vital part of our healing is in connecting with nature. While most of the weekend will be held around a warm wood fired stove, we will also be spending time wandering in the woods, down by the lake and around the fire pit outside. Please bring winter boots, insulated coats, hats, gloves and snow shoes if you have them!
    If you have a yoga mat, please bring it, although we have a handful of extras mats plus a wool rug if you forget!
    Besides that, we will do our best to provide most of the basic necessities, but feel free to bring along any favorites.
  • Are there any stores around in case I forgot something? Downtown Belfast is a 15 minute drive from the homestead and has a wonderful food cooperative, and many larger stores for your convenience. Its a sweet town and I recommend stopping through for a visit!

I'm happy to answer any more questions that you may have!

or call me at 401-480-0914

Reserve your spot today!

On site lodging, dorm style. January 26-28. Includes 5 meals, lodging, and materials. 
Cost: $289 (5 available) 

On site lodging, private room, shared bath. Includes 5 meals, lodging, and materials. January 26-28.
Cost: $339  (1 available)

Off site lodging, on site retreat. January 26-28. Includes 5 meals, lodging, and materials. 
ost: $229 (5 available)

From your home, online. February 9-11th. Includes all materials & goddess gift, mailed to you in advance.
ost: $149 (10 available)