It's Ok To Feel Ungrateful

winter berries

The last two days have tested my abilities .

I pride myself on focusing on the flip side, seeing the opportunity in every situation.  Staying positive, enjoying, being grateful.

This year has life moving at full speed.  First moving, and now that we are here, my passion for coaching has been given the space to move into its full expression.  

Life is good.  

I've been feeling a lot like one of those "annoying people" in which everything is perfect.  And it's not, but it sure feels like it is.

But these past couple of days, almost a week now, I've hit a wall.  And it wasn't all at once, but it's been a slope. This morning I woke up and before I got out of bed I demanded from myself to start reciting things that I am grateful for, to flip it.  

Nope.  I refuse. Not doing it.  I do not want to feel grateful. 

Not moving forward, not flipping it, no calling it in for me today.

And so an hour later I hopped in my car to bring the children to school for their last day before break.  I found myself looking at the snowless trees and the ground, brown spots showing through the snow, asking for a white Christmas. Oh how I miss the snow covered branches already. 

And I ran my errands, and hugged a dear friend, both of us needing the sisterhood today, and returned home to catch up on a few last minute chores before early dismissal. 

And I looked out of the window and saw them. 

Millions of tiny white fairies falling from the sky, answering my morning wish.

Shortly after I found myself driving that same path to the school, but this time with a smile from ear to ear. And suddenly everything that I am grateful for came back into vision. 

And I arrived at the school feeling so very full.

It was then that I realized that I was being yelled at. To slow down, to take it easy, to climb into bed with a movie.  And so, with a semi clean home, thanks to bribing the kiddos with down time ;-) and a simple dinner in the oven, I wish for you a pause. Many moments strung together of peace, love and rest.

Allow yourself to take a moment to feel ungrateful, just so the gratitude makes you smile that much wider when it comes back into view.

Enjoy this holiday season, my friend. 

Love and happiness,


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