Gratitude and Feeling the Feelings

Take time to sit in silence each day and feel it. Feel what these new actions are opening in you. Feel the gratitude for what you already have. Feel what it feels like to achieve that final goal. Feel the magic that is coming your way, no matter how insignificant it is, acknowledge it, feel it. Don’t feel the longing for what you are missing, but feel it as though you are already living it, because you are. And feel how grateful you are that the change is yours.  

If you don't read any further, know this. Practice this. Too many of us blow this one off.


We say we're grateful. But is it really true, are we really grateful

My honest truth is this, I go through phases where I am truly and completely grateful and others when I'm not. I'll get that victim mentality, the poor-me mindset. When my consciousness is in the latter spiral, nothing goes right. Things go the opposite of right, all of the time. 

When I get stuck in this cycle I begin asking myself those questions that I know you've heard me ask before, "How can it get better than this?" "What more is possible?" Every time that something small goes right, I give thanks and wonder how much more good could possibly come into my life.

And things get better.

And I get more grateful. 

And the universe starts showing me that more is actually possible and that I should go for it.  

Gratitude attracts more to be grateful for. 

And then we are able to be grateful for the struggles and lessons that are inevitable when we make change. 


Notes from our week 3 expert: Sheila Pai, Mindful Shift
The shift and manifestation we desire doesn’t come from doing something different but from being different. Mindful Shift is about living from a new story, a new way of perceiving your experience. In the Mindful Shift Workshop during Week 3 of Daydreams and Stardust, we will talk about cultivating lasting change by sitting with what is - your feelings, needs, thoughts, experience - in the moment. Together we will take a pause to move through brief guided breathing meditation that will help you get clear on your feelings and on how you want to feel. You will also hear ways to hold all the feelings without losing alignment. Not only will you gather inspiration for growing life-affirming feelings that you desire, you will hear strategies for handling those hard, dark moments of inner and outer struggle. Mindful Shift means simple, practical, doable steps towards lasting change, from the inside out.


Sheila believes in presence not perfection. She is a storyworker, life "doula," and coach who uses rituals of connection to nurture new stories, ones that shift out of darkness and denial towards possibility and desire. Through compassionate nonjudgment and intuitive care, Sheila helps women and couples cultivate courageous connection, fulfillment and freedom, within and without. She provides tools, insights, guidance and support for surprisingly simple, practical and doable steps towards a thriving life, thriving relationships and a thriving you. She skillfully holds a strong, sacred space of transformation to support shift, so you can free up to do the inner work towards outer change. Find out more about Sheila's free guided meditations, retreats,  

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