Living it now

Living it now.

We moved into a home in a time of need. 
We left our boxes packed, in the basement and intentionally didn't meet the neighbors.
We didn't want to be there, and we definitely weren't staying.
We were traveling. We were buying land.
For six years we talked about where we were going, what we were doing,
and we remained in exactly the same place.

We were living in this place of lack and want and desire, and that was keeping us stuck exactly in that place.
We needed to take action and move. 

And so finally...

We expanded the garden, created an extended growing season at home with the hoop house and wildcrafted right from the 1/4 acre that we lived on. 
We made our living space feel like a home.
We created a community that we loved to be around.

When you begin to take action and live your dream it signals the magic to begin, it tells the universe that you are ready to move forward and gives you the support to make it happen.
What can you do with what you already have access to? 


Notes from our week 2 expert, Jen Heilman:

Have you ever wondered why every time you attempt to step out of your comfort zone, in the hopes of propelling yourself forward in life, all that GOOD ENERGY and intention for change seems to hold for a bit...and then slowly, slowly you slip back into the norm of "before"?

It's because you're living in a Den of LIMITS and all that momentum and intention you've just worked so hard for can't compete. Those self limiting beliefs are deeply ingrained and YOU ARE SURROUNDING yourself with them everyday!

When you invite the practice of Feng Shui into your life, you are ensuring that positive change will become the "norm" in your life.

You will learn how to arrange your space in a way that SUPPORTS and nurtures your goals, your dreams, and your self-EMPOWERING beliefs. You will be able to physically see where you are subconsciously setting up self sabotaging road blocks and where your life is free flowing and fancy free.

The clarity that Feng Shui helps you develop will allow you to dive deeper and discover where your particular blocks have taken root.

Recognizing the roots of these blocks is your path way to freedom.

Once you make the connection, you can respond with a shift to your physical environment. Feng Shui connects your inner world (your thoughts and emotions) to your outer world (the physical manifestation). Your home will quickly become a tangible tool to aid you in manifesting your goals and dreams. 

Your struggle to move forward will end. Your "stuckness" will be no more. You will be fully engaged in the now and back on your path to success. 


Jen Heilman is Feng Shui Expert, Breakthrough Specialist, Creator of the Abundance Academy and Mamapreneur on a Mission. She teaches soulful women, just like you, how to use the amazingly effective methods of Feng Shui to access clarity, guidance, empowerment, and inspiration in their lives and businesses. As a soulful woman you intuitively know the main issues blocking you from unleashing your passion and purpose out into the world... are those frustrating self-limiting beliefs...BUT what to do about them?  If self-limiting beliefs are your arch-nemesis...then Feng Shui is your super hero...Clarity, Action, Results. A deeper understanding of your souls callings are quickly revealed when you dive into the magic of Feng Shui.

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