Opening to the Possibilities

A question arose today concerning the crossover between exercising our power in manifesting vs God’s plan and also testing God by practicing to manifest little things in life, which happens to be what we will be doing during week four of Daydreams and Stardust.

I will begin with the fact that I am a believer in God as a higher power.  I often use alternate words because many folks feel uncomfortable with the “G” word and I believe that when it boils down to it, whether the word Universe, Spirit, etc is used, we all believe in the same higher power, spoken under a different name.

And on to my response… 

We are often closed off to help. We walk around feeling stuck, sorry for ourselves, or that it is simply our situation, our lot in life. When we are in this place, we still receive help from God, (or other higher power) but because we are closed to it, we don't notice the little offerings that are gifted to us, or we even reject them.

When we ask for help not only are we asking, but we are opening ourselves up to a greater possibility, telling God or the Universe that we are ready to take action and accept the challenges that come along, take responsibility for the gifts granted. While we journey along our path, sometimes we are clear and receive, other times we need a lesson first, or we are meant to receive it in another form or sometimes we simply aren’t meant to have it. Sometimes we are asking for more than we can physically handle.

The first step in any of this however, is getting clear on what it is that you want to bring into your life and then asking from a place of complete surrender, knowing that lessons may come and it will probably come in a form that you weren’t expecting, but trusting that an answer will come in some way. Having complete faith.

I believe that the little exercises of manifesting money or a feather, etc, is our way of practicing complete surrender, faith and prayer. This isn’t always an easy thing to do, and a muscle that can use strengthening. 


Note from the expert: Jane Parker, Living in the Question

What is living in the question?

Living in the question is choosing to live without judgement of anything and anyone including ourselves, asking questions and being open to receiving.
 When living in the question there is no judgement, no right or wrong, there is allowance...and questions!
You can use the questions to create anything you desire to receive or create in your life. 
"Ask and you shall receive" is one of the laws of the universe. By asking for something to show up by asking a question it leaves you open to receiving without resistance. 
It is not about 'how' it's going to show up or whether you believe it's going to show up it is about being willing to receive it in whatever form that may be, and things rarely show up the way we expect them to! So, by asking the question and being open to receiving whatever shows up unlimited possibilities start to show up for you!
The great part of it is we don't have to answer the questions, we simply ask, without expectation of how it will show up.
Living in the question expands your mind, your life and creates endless possibilities where before you saw blocks and limitations!

What else is possible for you and your life that you havn't yet considered? 
Are you willing to ask that question each day and see what shows up? What if it is really that simple?

Jane Parker is a Life Coach, Access Consciousness Facilitator and Access Consciousness Body Process Facilitator.
She currently works one to one with clients desiring to create change in their lives using a combination of physical therapies and verbal processing. Janes' work enables clients to live in the question and to come out of judgement of themselves, anything or anyone else to create unlimited change.
Jane is married and has 3 children and is grateful to live in the beautiful Lake District in the UK.

Visit Jane at her websites:

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