If I had one wish right now, it wouldn’t have been for…

Like many of my New England friends,
we’ve been navigating our home through the dark, dimly lit rooms, lightening speed trips into the refrigerator, and lots of games, crafts and other non-device family time.


After an unexpected storm rolled in (although some folks seemed to have mysteriously known that it was coming ;-) ) we, and over 400,000 other Maine households were left without power. Rolling into day 2 of no school, we prepped for Halloween before the sun began to disappear, utilizing the showers at our lovely YMCA.

We watched the last drops of water emptied from the water tank, and began adapting to life of no running water, gathering water from friends’ houses.
We let go of the stress of saving any more food from our fridge.
And had just settled in to assuming a full week of living life with no electricity, and I was actually excited for it.

Getting back to the basics, 
making more time for the things that bring us real joy,
and less for the distractions that numb us.

And then, last night, after the kids were wrapping up their annual Halloween Candy trade, in the dark, and bagging it all up to be left for the candy fairy in exchange for healthier treats and games…

we saw a flicker from the stove top clock.

And then… light!


And all the lights,
and the hum of the refrigerator,
and the hiss of the water tank filling back up.

The cheers and hoots and howls from the family, 
still walking around and brushing their teeth by candle light.

And that slight pang of disappointment that it all came back so soon.


If I had one wish, it wouldn’t have been for the power to come on so soon.
If I had one wish right now, it would be that you, and everyone else, had time in each and every day to do something that made you feel good. 


Not numbing you from the lessons and obstacles
that makes life the juicy, trying, obstacle course that it is, 


but something that makes you feel joyful, energized, and vibrant.
Something that allows you to fill your cup
and opens your eyes to see all of the good that is around you. 

It's easy to feel overwhelmed from the to-dos of adulting,
to lose the energy, the drive, the motivation.

It all stems from time and how we are using it.

Life is not about going through the motions. 
It’s not about feeling stuck in a hamster wheel.

Life is about feeling joy, spreading joy. 
About being happy and spreading your happiness. 

It’s a ripple effect. 

We are here for a reason and a purpose
and if we follow our true joy, 
then not only will we accomplish that purpose, 
but we will support all of those around us in accomplishing theirs. 

We are here so we can be US,
so you can do YOU.

What does doing you look like?
What does it feel like?
What brings you more happiness?
More energy?
More Joy?

Why aren't you doing more of you? 

I want to show you how to make the time to do you.
And so I have created a gift for you. 

"Time for Me" is a free time hack mini-course, 
consisting of 10 short video lessons,
each focusing on a simple time hack so you can do more of YOU.

And as a bonus, you will receive my ebooklet, 7 Actions to Make Your Dreams Come True, to help you to define what it is that will allow you to utilize this new found time and live in your dreams.

“Time for Me” was created so you can not only make the time to do you, but do all the other things with ease and joy and purpose. 

Go on and sign up below, 
I'll be on the other side waiting to see the beauty of you doing you. 

And then, grab your mug, get comfy and hit play on your first video.
I've created this free mini-course for you, beautiful,


It's time to do YOU!