I *Heart* Winter Markets

This morning I was able to sneak away all by myself (which is a huge blessing for a stay at home, mama of four!)  I went to one of my favorite places.  The farmers market.
Yes, I live in New England.  Yes, it was snowing.
Yes, I said Farmers Market.
Are you aware that there are multiple winter markets available in New England? Several in Rhode Island and nearby Connecticut alone. I love the market.  I love it in the sun kissed, abundant days of summer, and I love it in the inward, peaceful days of winter.  Today I went to a great market, a short distance from my home, in the town of Stonington, CT.  It is located in a beautiful, reclaimed mill, The Velvet Mill.  It was loaded with venders, selling a much wider variety of items then you might guess in the North East in December. Apples, tomatoes, potatoes, leeks and preserves, cheeses and eggs, hand made soaps, one of a kind clothing, hand carved kitchen adornments, and prepared food (even a gluten free table!) to warm the belly while you visit.  The thing about visiting the farmer's market versus your local super market is that you are doing more than picking up your groceries.  You are fulfilling a much bigger part of your health than your nutritional needs.  Yes, you are avoiding processed foods (a huge bonus).  Yes, you are supporting the local economy (Yay!). But there are many facets to good health.  One of these is cultivating a healthy community.  To surround yourself with joy and healthy, friendly faces.  Going to the farmer's market, I will fill my bag with great produce, beautiful hand made gifts and so much warmth and love.  With winter being a time to turn inward, taking the time to chat with your local farmers and artisans and running into friends and family adds so much light to these dark days of winter.
Your assignment this week is to find a market nearby and make the time to visit it.  Instead of running to a local box store for those last minute Christmas gifts, why not pick up something truly special and unique, something functional and beautiful.
Here are some local favorites:

Stonington, CT

South Kingstown, RI

North Kingstown, RI

Pawtucket, RI

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