Love Your Body

Love Your Body

Take a moment to think about this body that was given to you.  
What are the immediate thoughts that come to your mind?

The 10, 20, 30, 80 pounds that you need to loose.
The wrinkles.
The jiggles on your arms.
The gray hairs upon your head.
The pillow around your middle.
The bags under your eyes.
The beautiful feet that connect you to the Earth.
The temple that carried your baby for nine months.
The hand that held another to offer support.
The heart that radiates love.
The arms that wrap around your loved ones.

Now I'd like you to take a moment to think about everything that you care for.

Your children.
Your elders.
Your partner.
Your home.
Your pictures.
Your car.
Your computer.
Your iphone.

You care for them because you find value in them.  
You care for them because you love them.

Do you love your body?
I mean do you REALLY LOVE your body?Do you take care of your body the way you care for
Your children?
Your elders?
Your partner?
Your home?
Your pictures?
Your car?
Your computer?
Your iphone?

Do you

Love your physical body?
Love your flaws?
Love your perfections?
Love those little details that are easily overlooked?

You are of the Divine.
You are Divine.
You are perfect in the eyes of your Creator.

Are you perfect in your eyes?

How can you expect to care for your body.
To nourish your body properly.
To exercise with joy.
To dissolve the line that your ego has drawn between you and Creation...

If you don't 

It's easy to be dissatisfied with your body.  
To frown at the person that you see in the mirror.  
Is it possible to LOVE your physical self?

I challenge you, for the next forty days, 
To look in the mirror and tell yourself that you love yourself.

I challenge you, for the next forty days,
To look in the mirror and and really love yourself.
To accept every cell in your body for who you truly are,

A Divine Being.

And then just observe the change that takes place through this loving of yourself.