Taking Control

Our lives are precious, every moment defines who we are.
What we choose to say,                 
                           to eat,
                           to think.
Where we choose to express our talents,
                             to give our love,
                             to shine our light.
How we choose to move our body,
                           to express our emotions,
                           to fuel our being.
In each and every moment we define who we are.
This body is our temple, feed it with light, movement and love.

Soul sings to spirit, make it a song of peace, of joy, of compassion.

Our heart contains our happiness, connect with your passion.  Follow your dreams.

It is time to take control of who we are. 
Take responsibility for who we are. 
Consciously co-create who we are.

Enjoy every precious moment of your life now.
Right now.
What ever would you be waiting for?