Blossoming Sprouts

Its been quite a while since I've posted last,

and quite a fulfilling time at that.

We've been nestled down, focusing on family these past few months, as we witnessed our newest sprout emerge into this earthly realm.  It has been wonderful as we have been able to connect with my family in ways that haven't been possible in my adult life.  We have been surrounded by four generations as we welcomed Bodhi Rei into our lives.

The presence of spirit has been strong in Bodhi, in his pregnancy and in his birth.  He is so aware and blissful, and we are so happy to have him with us.

Our birth was in direct flow with the source.  A beautiful and seamless transition.

For several days I felt surges wash over me, in and around our daily lives.  As the surges came closer, I climbed into our birthing pool on our back porch and tapped into  my hypnobirthing meditation. With the support of my most magnificent husband continuously guiding my focus back into the present moment, Bodhi's emergence into this world was one of peace and clarity and beauty.  His brother, sisters and Nonni were able to be present, followed shortly by Great Grandpa, Grandpa and Uncle and Great Grammie was there surrounding us.

He was born outside on our deck in a pool, at our home on a beautiful August morning with our amazing midwives.  It was a birth that could only be dreamed of, a dream in my reality.  And I experienced a high like I've never felt before.

As I emerge from my baby fog, it is becoming increasingly clear that I need to feed my flame.  Staying rooted in my motherhood, I need to nourish that part of me that has been hidden for so many years as I took on Mama as my identity.  And I hope that you are able to join me on this next journey.