A World of Change: The 9th Celebration of the Birth of My Oldest

Its that time of the year again, a day of reflection, a day of celebration.

Nine years ago today my world turned upside down, spun round and round and left me a new woman, A Mother. 

These last nine years have taught me what unconditional Love means.
They have taught me that the patience I thought I had was, well, hmm... let's say it has been tested and I've been humbled.

A giant, life-sized mirror has been placed before me and I've seen into the depths of myself, into all those dark and dusty corners of my being that no one actually wants to know lives within them.
I'm learning who the real me actually is.

The last nine years have shown me so much beauty and love, the kind of beauty that makes me fall in love again and again.  Everyday, all day long, even if moments before I think I'm at the end of my rope.

Funny how as parents, as home schooling Mamas we are labeled as the "teachers".  
Being a Mama, by watching and loving my children, by being open to growth and change, my three children have taught me all that I know.  

Somedays, I think I'm crazy for taking on the task of being a stay-at-home, home schooling Mom.
But mostly, I give thanks to God to have been Graced with the Most Amazing Job any Being could ever be Blessed with.

Happy Birthday My Love!