Travel Diary: Its All About Perspective

After literally weeks of non-stop preparation, we finally had all of our belongings neatly and compactly packed away between our RV and mini-van. Surpassing so many hurdles, including our rental property getting foreclosed and our furniture and appliances getting sold while we were still living there, finding hard to find 1982 Fleetwood RV parts, the blow of discovering that our minivan was just too heavy to tow and Steve and I both having to make the drive to Cali separately, we did it. We pulled out of my in-law's Casa Grande home to hit our first destination, a free stay at a five-star resort in Beaumont, CA. 


As happens with every great plan (and as the U-haul mechanic said as we were talking tow dollies... "My last name is Murphy, do you know my Law??") We traveled about 35 minutes into our 6 hour drive and out from our RV in front of me comes a flying tire.  Oh, Hmm.... was that OUR's???  Hmmm. Then comes a bunch of white garbage (they told me it was the chemicals from inside the tire??)
As I am frantically on the phone (Don't tell that I was talking and driving, but it was important!!) yelling at Steve, "WHY haven't you pulled over yet?!?!"
We roll off the highway and thanks to the RV's many tires, we are able to make it two miles to Discount Tire in Tempe.  As we are sliding the credit card to pay the $980 to cover six new tires, are we upset, angry, why me-ing?  As we traipse next door in 107 degree heat to a never frequented chain coffee shop to entertain the kids while getting our tires changed, do we complain about the $11 in juice that we just bought the kids (Have I mentioned they get bottled juice about once a year..)

Are we freaking out that all is going awry? 

We enjoy ourselves.  Grab some food from the RV, remain calm, GIVE THANKS for the tire blowing where it did.  We were headed into a long trip through the desert.  That old tire that still looked great could have blown anywhere in this heat. We were given the chance to not only change that one, but to change all six, creating a strong foundation for our new adventure.  And now we have the two newer tires as spares, just in case.  Feeling grateful and BLESSED knowing that we are cared for, that God is with us, that our journey is riding upon the Light.  So, we turned around, took it as a sign.  Headed back to Casa Grande, parked ourselves, and decided to take a much needed, well deserved, lazy afternoon with family.

And have some fun while we're at it.