The Seventh Rotation

Today, my second baby completed his first seven year cycle.  With two feet firmly planted on the ground, he steps into the next phase.  Reading his own birthday cards,  helping Mom with the strength of a young man, ready for stories with a little more depth, facial changes and growth spurts, stepping into his eighth year.  My little man is seven today.  

We started the morning off with breakfast in bed a la Dad.
Potatoes, mesquite pancakes and nutmilk along with an Emelia crafted pudding.

A joint birthday party with best friend Asa, we enjoyed the playground, ate raw, vegan chocolate cake, and felt the company of an amazing community.

Now Steve and the little ones (along with two of our birthday friends) are quietly chattering away, giggling and trying to stay cool, snuggled up tight in our new RV...
(YAY !! Pictures and  details coming soon !)