January 6th

Today marks the convergence of several important anniversaries in my life.

Growing up, January 6th was always a very special day.  Christmas didn't end for us on December 25th, you see.  January 6th is the Epiphany. We knew it simply as the day the wise men came bearing gifts to baby Jesus.  We would watch the nativity as first baby Jesus appeared with Mary and Joseph, and then 12 days later, the magi made their way down from the shelf above, to join the scene on the hutch in our kitchen.  It was the DAY that Mom gave us HER Christmas presents, as to not get in the mix-up with Santa.  Growing up, that tradition meshed with Christmas day. But Epiphany, the day the Magi approached the Holy Family, the day of the manifestation of Jesus Christ as the Son of God, that day will forever hold a special place in my heart.

January 6th, 2008. A day that we knew for certain that an amazing spirit would be joining us on this earthly realm.  A spirit who knew exactly what she wanted, long before she was blossoming inside my being.  A spirit who came into this world on her own terms, on her own time. Beautiful Baby, Eden Willow, would join us in the flesh, a mere nine months after this day of epiphany for our growing family.

and finally, January 6, 2011, our two month anniversary of our departure from the comfort and security of my hometown, the small state that homes my family, most everything I knew.  Two months later, we know this was the right decision.  The welcome of Patagonia, the security of the Mother rising up all around us as beautiful, high desert mountains.  Our world of health and spirit a vastly expanding universe, with unlimited opportunity for growth and wisdom, connection.  Two months, I am learning to slow down.  To follow my intuition.  I am learning to think with my heart.  To surrender to the flow.  That God Is.

My heart swells with Love as these elements of my life join as one.  I am ever grateful for the grace that I have received, for the love that I have been granted, for the path that I am blessed to walk every moment of every day.