Christmas Eve

A new home, new town.  We've paired down our belongings and are settling into a simpler lifestyle.
Christmas season this year has proven VERY different.

Between the weather feeling like a New England September, the kids entering school in December for their first time ever, Mom going to work for the first time in almost nine years and Dad becoming the part time stay-at-home Mr. Mom, Advent crept by us with silent footsteps.  Christmas Eve is upon us and I feel the distant presence of my loved ones from back East. Missing the house full of family, antipasto, loaf of Italian bread form Calvito's.  Preparing for the flurry of excitement going form house to house, the packed church on Christmas Eve, watching Steve on the mandolin.  This year will be different.  I will spend the evening working in an amazing live food cafe with wonderful company and head over to a friend's home for some family love.  A quite morning at home for Christmas, hopefully a hike with a panoramic view of breathtaking mountains.  An a quite afternoon at the cafe, serving up dinner with Steve to an appreciative group, our new community, with the kids hanging in the back room. It will be a new family scene, and I will hold my ENTIRE family, blood relatives and spirit sisters and brothers, I will hold them all in my heart, and carry you with me through this sacred time.

On ANOTHER note.. With all of the movement happening, the kids reminded me that WE HAVE NO STOCKINGS!  And its CHRISTMAS EVE!!!  Whatever can we do??

Bust out the needle felting supplies of course!! 

 The kids were SO delighted to make their own stockings, and Mom was so happy to FINALLY do a proper Christmas craft!

Merry Christmas!!
Love and Peace,
The Law Family Unit!