That's our Cue!

We woke up yesterday morning in a pile of blankets, the whole family snuggled up on my Dad's living room floor. Yes, there were more than enough beds for everyone, but we were preparing to leave on our road trip adventure in the morning, and this seemed more fun.
    What we woke up to was a bit of a surprise, a very wonderful sign, our cue to start heading for the Southwest.
Grandpa Cool's House
Delighted kids
 We had to once again, unpack and repack the trailer, since we were wearing sandals, little spring shoes and the like.  Oh, but what a treat, one last snow before hitting the road.

Willow chugs green juice with great enthusiasm!

The traveling machine

 We sailed on over to my grandparent's house to grab the kiddos who were so lucky to get to spend so much time with them while Steve and I were unpacking and repacking, sorting, donating, trashing, cleaning...
 Nine and a half hours on the road yesterday, not a single complaint from those three bundles of joy (well, not until it was WAY past our bedtimes)

Our first stop, Catch a Healthy Habit, Glen and Lisa are so incredible we stop whenever we get the chance!

Crossing the Hudson

The Kids are in charge of walking the Pups!

Now we are resting up in Falling Waters, West Virgnia.  Taking a breather, looking for some juicy organic produce, and oh, did I mention our hotel just happened to be right next to the library??  Yay!