Law Family FUN-Raiser

For the last several years, our lives have settled into a nice, comfortable routine.  Gina is  home schooling mom, keeping the house and raising the children the best she can, with all those little details that a Mama strives to offer her little ones.  Stephen is an involved dad and supportive husband, he offers his services on sundays to our Church as a multi-faceted musician and has taken on the role as a 9-5 carpenter to support the family.  We live in our modest home, with a small but wonderful yard, three young children and our two aging pups.  
Our dream for many years has been to open a center of some sort.  The vision has changed through the years and is often pushed to the far reaches of our consciousness, but it has always remained a strong desire for our family.  The dream is one which allows our family to be our truest selves.  In this dream, we are rooted deep into our foundation, yet stretching our furthest limbs to share our talents, to teach and inspire those around us to follow their deepest passions. 
Six months ago we had a small glimpse into an awakening.  We knew that it was time to take action and make some changes in our lives.  It was time to uproot from the comfortable, un-comfort of our suburban dwelling, from our roles as carpenter and housewife.  Immediately the synchronicities began to happen.  That small awakening began to grow.  Through countless hours of prayer and meditation, our path is becoming so clear.  Opportunities continue to arise in which we are able to push our comfort level, test our abilities.   We were able collaborate with a local yoga studio.  Stephen was able to take part in a Yoga Teacher Training, a long time dream of his.  In exchange, we provided raw, organic, vegan spreads for the group.   This challenge Gina was excited to take on, as much of her peace lies in food preparation and serving others delicious, healthy food.  
God has provide us with the faith to surrender into the flow that is all around us.  And what has been presented is an educational journey of sorts.  We are going to school, without enrolling in a University.  We are packing up only the essentials and hitting the road.  Our plan?  Well that’s a mystery even to us.  We are contacting retreat centers of all shapes and sizes, throughout the country in hopes to exchange work for a glimpse into what they are doing.  We will learn from them in ways that we may never expect.  Our first major destination?  The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, Az.  Here awaits an experience working in THE live food cafe.  The Tree of Life Center is a Live Food, Spiritual Community best known for its work with diabetic patients.  They have 21 day programs that get a high percentage of the diabetics off of insulin.  Along with the nutritional wonders of the community, it is a strong spiritual community, practicing yoga, meditation, bhakti, seva and so much more. The length of our stay here is still undetermined.  We will stay at least two weeks, but that all depends on how the stars line up.  The rest of our journey will be in faith.  Whether we remain there or continue pursuing other centers, our intention will remain the same, to absorb all of the knowledge and growth that we can. We will take all of the bits and pieces that we have learned and translate them to our own vision.  Eventually we will settle in and manifest a place of healing, growing, Spirit, and of course, nutrition.
So, it is time for us to raise some funds.  Why are we raising funds?  Well, we can’t do this on our own. Through prayer and meditation, we were inspired to have a FUN-raiser.  An evening of yoga for all ages, live food, dancing, silent auctions, raffles, magical moments and music, music, music!  We’re giving it our heart and soul, blood, sweat and tears, to make this night a great one for everybody.  
When is this event that you don’t want to miss??  Saturday, October 16th, 7:00.
Where will you find us?? Amy at the Mystic Yoga Shala has been gracious to let us use the yoga studio.
How much is this night of magic and fun??? The donation includes organic, vegan, live food  dinner and dessert, yoga for all ages and body types, various musical acts, raffles and more.  We’d prefer to work on a sliding scale, with a suggested donation of $25 -$50.  The minimum donation just covers expenses, but if you can’t afford that, we have limited room for kitchen angels, but be warned, we will put you to work :-) If you can afford more than the sliding scale and just want to help a kind family follow their dream, the sky is the limit!  
This is important!  If you are planning on coming, please RSVP we want to be sure to have enough food for everyone! 
How can you save your spot?? Make your donation at Be sure to specify that you are coming and how many, including yourself, you are paying for.  
If you can’t make the party, but love what we are doing and just want to contribute to good vibrations and raising consciousness, visit and we are so grateful for any and every blessing that comes our way. 
The time is now for every one of us to follow our passion, Are you following yours?  What are you waiting for?
questions?  email us at
We Need Your Help!  Pass on our story to your family and friends, send them our way, invite them to join in the fun, or to simply help us reach our goal.