The Story of the World

As far as homeschooling goes, our "curriculum" is all over the place really. I use a little of this, a tad of that, a mashup of here and there, unschooling and sit down and get to work, work.

One curriculum, however that we have come across that I really enjoy is "The Story of the World" by Susan Bauer. The text is very readable and the activity book is so much fun. I'm not sure which of us loves it more. I always found history simply boring, and am for the first time seeing it in a new light.

The first handful of chapters focuses on ancient Egpyt, simply enrapturing for all of us.
Today we learned about Pharaohs, and when Upper Egypt finally concurred Lower Egpyt (which happens to be north of Upper Egypt). King Narmer combined the white crown of the Upper with the red crown of the Lower to make the first Pharaoh's crown.

As I was typing up this very blog, I was led away to the kid's room where I found my very own King Tut lying still for, possibly, the first time ever.