Simplicity Parenting

I am so fortunate to be blessed with such magical children in my life. They breathe meaning into my every moment. They sparkle, they bring me joy. They are each others best friend.
I always viewed our family as a simple living one. We keep to the basics. We have no TV (although the computer is available for a movie when we desire). We've kept away from the loud, plastic, over-stimulating toys. We have no fancy child-rearing gadgets. Through all of this, we've still been lost in the whirlwind of life. The dizziness of too much of the outside strains the familial connection.

A mothering group that I belong to has organized a book discussion. In preparation, I have begun Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne. While the title sparked my interest, I was not expecting for it to resonate so deeply within me. The author is a child development specialist, who is steeped in Waldorf teachings. Kim John Payne has worked extensively with children around the world experiencing post traumatic stress disorder. While working in England with children who have never been through war, he discovered they were displaying the same symptoms of PTSD as the other children had. He links these symptoms with the stresses we have unconsciously placed upon our children from too much. Too much stuff, too much scheduled time, too much information. He has worked with a multitude of families with children labeled with ADD, ADHD and OCD and helped them move to simplicity with dramatic results. He explains why and most importantly how we can work through this. The book is proving to be an amazing one for me and I hope to share insights that are unfolding for me through my journey of returning to simplicity.

But for now I am off to enjoy another peaceful morning with my family.