Into the New Year

I've recently stumbled upon a quote I copied a bit ago. I'm not sure where it's from, but it seems to have popped back up at just the right time, because I am enjoying the moment. Very much.

"The journey, which prior to this was torture because all you wanted to do was get there is now beginning to become a pleasure. It is the pleasure of searching and the pleasure of an adventure. You are nourishing something that's very important - your dreams."

A bit of what is occupying our current adventure:

Hula Hooping :-)
Twelfth Night Rehearsals
Enjoying the Winter!
Crafting a new playroom!
Growing (my goodness these kids are getting so big, SO fast!)
Zap Mama's latest Album (okay, only the kids and I can't get enough, especially her duet with Franti, which is great to hoop to.. )

Happy New Year!