Salad Smiles

How can you say "no" to a four year old that comes inside asking for you to make salad dressing? Brother and sister, outside for their second night straight, with a pair of scissors and a bowl. Tearing into the first green pepper of the year, finely dicing chives, plucking nasturtium petals. As he waits he thumbs through the newest issue of "Get Fresh" Magazine (A raw food mag out of the UK) He declares that he will be the taste-tester. Waiting for dressing for their masterpiece. How could you say no to whipping up a fresh batch of tahini dressing, even when you are on hands and knees mopping up 16 ounces of bright red, freshly pressed veggie juice and a pile of broken glass? Did I mention the baby and I are covered in carrot pulp...

A VERY simple and yummy dressing that the kids seem to love:
1 pt tahini
1 pt apple cider vinegar
and just a splash of maple syrup