For anyone that has not begun to delve into the world of parasites, the effects they have on our bodies and their eradication, we have been learning that it is not a road to look at lightly. Once you learn anything about them, you want to get them OUT! They can cause all sorts of chronic conditions, and MOST of us, healthy or not, DO in fact carry them. I recommend learning a little about them. I haven't gone as deep into it as others, because it's pretty disgusting. I understand the seriousness of it all, and am not sure if I can handle full disclosure. There are all sorts of cleanses and remedies out there, one that has come to our attention is The Terminator Zapper by Don Croft. I highly suggest doing your own parasite research and checking out parasite cleanses. In that be sure to also research The Terminator II Zapper. It's the zapper we've heard the most about.
We are looking into purchasing them wholesale and are offering them at an amazingly low pre-order offer for a limited number of zappers for a limited time.
They Retail for $134 +s&h, the cheapest I've found them for is $115 +$7 s&h
What we'll be doing as a very limited offer is $95 and if you are local, there is no shipping charge, for non-local, we'll ship them to you at exact cost.
The order ends Friday, June 12th, so to take advantage of this one time low price, contact us now!