Juicer, Sprout trays and a Choose your own price yard sale!

We have our Champion Juicer for sale. It is in great working condition and comes with all of the parts including a blank plate which is great for purees and banana ice cream (Alternate bananas with frozen fruit of your choice for delicious treat!) We are upgrading as a friend is selling one of their juicers before they move.
We are asking $100.

I also have A sprout master sprout setup , 3- 8x10 stackable trays. Great condition, If you are interested, make us an offer. http://www.amazon.com/Sprout-Master-Triple-Sprouter/dp/B000F0FX5C

We are going to also have a mini-yard sale tomorrow. We'll be putting a bunch of things out on the lawn, and you can take whatever you'd like. We'll put a donation can out, if you wish to help raise money for our new juicer, if not, just come take what you'd like. (email me for directions ginamlaw@gmail.com )

And for anyone still interested, we have PLENTY of almonds left, and we can order more, and will, if we run out. $11/lb for unpasteurized, raw, organic almonds, straight from the orchard, and $8 for an 8 oz jar of fresh, stone-ground almond butter.