A Wintery Winter

It's been awhile since we've been able to enjoy such a beautifully white winter. So many Rhode Island cold, wet, freezing winters have graced us in recent years. Every flake of snow that falls puts a smile on my face. Another blanket laid upon our existing covers. The kids enjoy every moment. I believe this could almost be more enjoyable to them then the blustery days of summer. The knock at the sliding glass door when they just about had enough. The rosy cheeks and snow drenched hair poking out beneath their hats. Another adventure.

The moments when the house is silent.
Someday I believe we will be blessed with a wood stove, but for now every time I hear the heat click on, my two oldest scramble for the warmest vents in the house (the back room and the bathroom), shut the doors to contain the warmth and pull up a child-sized chair. Their slippers come off and those tiny toes caress the warm metal grates. And there they will remain, quiet and peaceful, for the duration that the warm air blows.

How does a family who focuses on raw food stay warm and happy during a New England winter? Well besides amazing green-fruit smoothies, superb super foods and to live for home-made chocolates. Have you ever tried an irish moss mousse? We've been taking this super nutritious sea vegetable and creating the most out-of-this-world desserts. Any occasion is an occasion for celebration. Recently we had some great friends over for dessert. I decided this was a perfect excuse to treat ourselves to something a little decadent. Strawberry mousse with a coconut meringue, chocolate covered strawberries and a splash of chocolate love hearts. Who needs dinner? Life's short, eat more dessert! All raw, mostly organic and filled with love. A bit of heaven in every bite!
I highly recommend Sweet Gratitude: A New World of Raw Desserts this book brought to us our irish moss Ah HA! moment. This amazing book is refining the simple pleasures that we delight in sharing with our loved ones.