If I had one wish right now, it wouldn’t have been for…

Like many of my New England friends,
we’ve been navigating our home through the dark, dimly lit rooms, lightening speed trips into the refrigerator, and lots of games, crafts and other non-device family time.

After an unexpected storm rolled in (although some folks seemed to mysteriously know it was coming ;-) we, and over 400,000 other Maine households were left without power.

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Opening to the Possibilities

A question arose today concerning the crossover between exercising our power in manifesting vs God’s plan and also testing God by practicing to manifest little things in life, which happens to be what we will be doing during week four of Daydreams and Stardust.

I will begin with the fact that I am a believer in God as a higher power.  I often use alternate words because many folks feel uncomfortable with the “G” word and I believe that when it boils down to it, whether the word Universe, Spirit, etc is used, we all believe in the same higher power, spoken under a different name.

And on to my response… 

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Embrace the Lessons

I’ll admit something to you, just before we landed ourselves back in that situation of being stuck in our old town, with old patterns, and wanting so desperately to be out of it, our mindset had gone downhill.  We were living in an incredibly beautiful and abundant place yet instead of being grateful for all that surrounded us, we found ourselves feeling lack for what we didn’t have and fear that we wouldn’t be able to adapt to the enormous changes that were taking place for our family. My guess is that we could have decided to embrace this, learn the lessons that we needed to learn and everything would have turned out beautifully,

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Gratitude and Feeling the Feelings

Take time to sit in silence each day and feel it. Feel what these new actions are opening in you. Feel the gratitude for what you already have. Feel what it feels like to achieve that final goal. Feel the magic that is coming your way, no matter how insignificant it is, acknowledge it, feel it. Don’t feel the longing for what you are missing, but feel it as though you are already living it, because you are. And feel how grateful you are that the change is yours.  

If you don't read any further, know this. Practice this. Too many of us blow this one off.

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Living it now

We moved into a home in a time of need. 
We left our boxes packed, in the basement and intentionally didn't meet the neighbors.
We didn't want to be there, and we definitely weren't staying.
We were traveling. We were buying land.
For six years we talked about where we were going, what we were doing,
and we remained in exactly the same place.

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